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About Us

Company's History

Each Diamond is unique and it is our goal to provide the best diamond polishing tools to Diamond Industry so that each diamond can be polished in Excellent cut and become extremely suitable for Jewellery.

Maruti Precision is the fastest growing and leading manufacturer of Diamond Polishing Tools for all diamond shapes. The Company was founded by Mr. Rajnikant Diyora in 1987 and we are providing the best satisfaction to our customers for more than 30 years with maintaining excellent customer relationships and reputation.

We have expertise and experience in the manufacturing of all types of Diamond Polishing Presspots and tools not only for manual Diamond polishing processes but also for automatic diamond polishing technology. All the goods are manufactured in three different factory locations equipped with the latest machinery and skilled workers. Our factory covers more than 32000sq. feet area and more than 80 employs.

As we are a manufacturer, we offer the best market price compare to trading companies.

Engineering Services

Apart from Precision Tool Manufacturer of Diamond Industry, we are also a committed supplier of following Industries since last 10 years.

Industrial Sectors

  • Aerospace Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Energy and Environment Technology
  • Military and Defense
  • Textile Industry

Our Quality as Supplier

  • Commitment of Confidentiality
  • Cooperation with Third-Party QC
  • Delivery of Samples within 3-5 Days
  • Production in the shortest possible time frame
  • Dedicated Team


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Located in one of most promising cities of India – Surat, Maruti Precision has advanced infrastructural conveniences clubbed with technological expertise to offer the finest of Diamond Products and solutions. Our well-designed and robust infrastructure is competent to support and manage contemporary services and top-notch Products. Our stringent focus on security, quality and sturdiness of the entire infrastructure setup keep us a level ahead when it comes to delivering Diamond Polishing Products & services in a timely, quality rich manner.

Aimed at adding value to your business, our office premises are sufficiently equipped with most modern amenities, sitting space and connectivity to ensure a comfortable, happy work culture for our consultants. We have independent departments that are categorized based on technologies & services that we offer yet are spaced close to each other, for a harmonious collaboration in-between. Our meeting rooms, conference rooms, manufacturing floor , packing floor , sales office are well-spaced and fit perfectly to suit requirements of our consultants. We have a our premises separately managed under tight security and control.

Our focus towards innovation, production and customer satisfaction is prime. We ensure a flawless product with most modern equipment, ensuring complete safety . Our internal communication mechanisms are well-defined and perfect to create a synergy between departments with relevant information flow and product transfer. Our Exports and Technical Teams helps the entire organization in managing and maintaining day-to-day activities with a transparent view of products, their progress and stage wise status.

Infrastructure Highlights


  • Year 1987
  • Year 1989
  • Year 1998
  • Year 2001
  • Year 2002
  • Year 2006
  • Year 2012
Establishment of Maruti Precision
Started manufacturing a wide range of Diamond Polishing Tools along with specialization & good comand on presspots.
Started Exporting the goods overseas.
Foundation of 2nd factory in Sevasa SE2.
Foundation of 3rd Factory in Surat named MARUTI TECHNOCRAFT
Expansion of factory layout of Maruti Precision.
Upgrading the manufacturing & packaging technology.